Khan Academy Answer Revealer

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What Is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is one of the most popular and leading online learning platforms. Part of its increased popularity among students is because it's free, providing learners access to a large pool of learning resources. Common study materials used in Khan Academy include instructional videos, practice exercises, quizzes, and personalized learning experiences in many different subjects. Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan in 2006. At the time, Salman was tutoring one of his cousins in math mostly over the phone. But later transitioned to making short explanation videos on the main concepts.

Salman Khan saw the potential of these videos and chose to upload them to YouTube, where they instantly became very popular. This marked the beginning of Khan Academy. The learning platform provides students access to numerous subjects, the most common being:

  • Science (physics, chemistry, biology)
  • Arts and humanities subjects (grammar, history)
  • Economics
  • Math (pre-algebra, algebra, arithmetic, geometry, statistics, trigonometry, calculus)

Even though Khan Academy offers all these subjects, a big focus of its curriculum focuses on math since the subject was the original purpose for the launch of the site. The math topics you can learn from Khan Academy range from basic subtraction and addition, all the way up to college-level linear algebra and calculus. But do not panic. We understand that math is not a very popular subject amongst most students who believe it is hard and tiresome to learn. This leads to them looking for the Khan Academy answer hack.

We have a team of experts to help you in every, such as by providing Khan Academy answers Algebra 1. One of the best things about learning with Khan Academy is that you are allowed to work at your own pace. If you ever get stuck there are usually short video tutorials explaining most concepts step-by-step. Furthermore, you are provided with numerous practice problems after each video. These problems are mostly meant to gauge and test your understanding of the concepts you have just learned.

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What Is Khan Academy Answer Revealer

Khan answer revealer is not a new technology or phenomenon among some students. The concept is basically a norm among students who have been enrolled in a Khan Academy course for a while. What is an answer revealer userscript you ask? Well, you can view it as a small program that students added to their web browsers as extensions. They are mostly used to modify the functionality of the websites you visit.  There are numerous userscripts available online solely for this purpose. You can easily find different versions of them on platforms such as GitHub.

How Does The Answer Revealer Work?

Looking to dig deeper? Answer revealer userscripts are specifically coded to allow you to view answers to questions posted on online learning platforms, such as Khan Academy. The userscript allows the student to take a peek at answers that are normally kept hidden by the sites until you submit your own response. They basically serve as Khan Academy answer hacks. For example, an educational site such as Khan Academy contains hundreds of interactive exercises where you will need to answer a test question or solve a math problem.

Answer revealer userscripts have captured the attention of many students since they unlock Khan Academy exercises allowing you to immediately see the answers, behind the scenes. For example, the userscript is popularly known as KhanAcademy_Bot is specifically designed for such purpose. Once you properly install the userscript you will be able to see the answers to your exercises or tests as you load. You can add userscripts to your web browser by installing extensions such as Greasemonkey, for Firefox, and Tampermonkey, for Chrome.

How To Install Khan Academy Answer Revealer Tampermonkey

Overall, an answer revealer userscript for Khan Academy is a tool used to modify the behavior of a site, thus showing you the answers that educational sites normally hide. The answer revealer is a good tool for Khan Academy answer hacks to cheat in your tests, quizzes, or practice problems on Khan Academy. Installing an answer revealer for Khan Academy will give you a lot of freedom and access to question solutions even before you make any attempt to solve them yourself.

Steps To Download And Install Tampermonkey Script

Before you begin to enjoy the benefits of the answer revealer for Khan Academy, the very first step involves installing the Tampermonkey extension. A point to be aware of is that the Khan Academy answer revealer Tampermonkey extension is only compatible with the Chrome browser. Follow the below steps to add the extension to your Chrome browser:

Khan Academy Answer Revealer

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  1. Launch and open your Chrome web browser.
  2. In the address bar, enter the following URL phrase “chrome://extensions” without the quotes to load the extension's webpage.

Another alternative is to click the three dots at the top right corner (next to your profile icon) to open a menu. Click on extensions, then visit the Chrome web store.

  1. The next critical step is to install the Tampermonkey Extension from the web store.
  2. Click the “Add Extension” to complete installing the extension after confirming the prompt.
  3. An icon will be added near the top of your Chrome browser upon a successful installation.
  4. You can click the icon to enter the Tampermonkey dashboard.

How To Add The Khan Academy Tampermonkey Script?

  1. The next step is to link the Tampermonkey Chrome extension to the script.
  2. Head on to the script's official GitHub repository to download the KhanAcademy_Bot.
  3. Once on the GitHub page, go to the Usage section. Click the link titled “Use this link to install the script”
  4. Clicking the link will launch the Tampermonkey dashboard having already keyed the necessary code. You only need to press install.
  5. Make sure both the extension and the script are enabled.
  6. Go to Khan Academy and click on the extension anytime you need an answer revealer.

But just to make it clear, this approach of hack can only be done when you are using a laptop or computer, it is not possible on a mobile device. And that is all there is to it! Now that you have added Tampermonkey to your Chrome browser, you can easily start utilizing the Khan Academy userscript to customize the behavior of the site. This feature plays an important role in allowing the extension and userscript to act like an answer revealer.

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Where Can I Use The Answer Revealer In Khan Academy’s Questions?

You are recommended to use the answer revealer for Khan Academy mostly in situations where you get really stuck on a hard quiz. But some people argue answer revealers can also be used as an educational aid. The answer revealer using Khan Academy’s user script is considered to be very effective in answering some of the most challenging topics and exams on the platform. The extension can be employed when solving an unusual island Khan Academy answers, or the more tiresome and frightening special right triangles Khan Academy answers Quizlet.

A good example of some of the most common hard quizzes that can be solved by an enabled Tampermonkey extension with Khan Academy userscripts include:

1.     Solving “An Unusual Island” Khan Academy Answers

An Unusual Island is a passage that is part of the second section of the Khan Academy’s SAT exam. The section mostly focuses on grammar, writing, and language use. The exam is considered by a lot of students to be very tricky and confusing, especially among non-native English speakers. This is one of the leading causes why students try to pass the Khans SAT exam by searching for an unusual island Khan Academy answers.

At the same time, there are simple strategies you can use to pass your exam without relying on the Tampermonkey. When you see the underlined text inside the passage, it is highly likely you will come across a question that is based on that small section. Passing your grammar, writing, and language use exam is important since it can boost your chances of acceptance. Struggling with grammar rules? Place an order with us for an unusual island Khan Academy answers.

2.     Accessing Khan Academy Answers For Special Right Triangles Quizlet

Khan Academy covers numerous math-focused subjects and topics across its platform. It offers interactive exercises on special right triangles. These exercises mostly involve the 30-60-90- and 45-45-90-degree triangles. Over the years, Quillet's have emerged as very reliable study practices. When most students complete the practice problems and video lessons on Khan Academy, they usually end up leveraging special right triangles Khan Academy answers Quizlet. It is mostly used to study key formulas and concepts. The easiest way to gain access to Khan Academy answers for special right triangles exercises is by using Tampermonkey.

3.     Khan Academy Answers Algebra 1

Wondering how to get Khan Academy Answers Algebra 1? Algebra is an important subject meant to help you make strategic decisions using math concepts, teach you how to take an equation with unknown values, and eventually solve for missing variables. We understand that algebra is like a powerful toolkit that is meant to help you logically solve problems. For this reason, our team of experts is ready and prepared to tackle all your algebra problems. Place an order with us for Khan Academy Answers Algebra 1.

Alternatives To Khan Academy Answer Revealer Tampermonkey

Using answer revealers is a very controversial topic when it comes to online educational platforms. This is because they allow you to bypass the educational purpose of platforms such as Khan Academy in order to get easy answers. Therefore, you should be aware that cheats and hacks are often criticized and considered unethical. For instance, it is not uncommon to find parents complaining on the Khan platform about finding their children Abusing Hints (Cheating Strategy). 

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Looking for and using cheats and hacks obtained from unreliable online sources is a risky approach to solving the difficult questions and exams you are facing. So are you wondering if the best alternative to Tampermonkey on how to get Khan Academy answers? As one would expect, students are bound to find ways of cheating their way through their online classes. If you open your browser and search for how to cheat Khan Academy, you will be amazed at the numerous suggestions. But hiring industry experts with years of experience and knowledge dealing with similar problems is better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What Is Khan Academy Answer Revealer?

An answer revealer is a userscript coded to change certain features of a website. In the case of Khan Academy, it is used to reveal answers that would normally be hidden.

2.     What Is The Tampermonkey Chrome Extension?

It is a browser extension that is mostly used to install and run userscripts in order to tweak websites in ways such as revealing hidden functionality.

3.     How To Get Khan Academy Answers

The best strategy to get accurate and reliable Khan Academy answers is by using an answer revealer or hiring custom homework helpers.

4.     What Is The Best Way To Use Khan Academy?

The best strategy to benefit the most from the platform is to select a subject, focus on its specific units, and make sure to practice what you learn.


Are you wondering what is Khan Academy answer revealer, why it is important, and how it is linked to Tampermonkey? This article is especially meant for an audience such as you. Online educational platforms are a new and rather fascinating concept. However, succeeding in online learning is far more challenging compared to the traditional approach. You will be required to improve your critical thinking abilities and gain new perspectives.

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