Enduring Issues Essay

If you’ve been recently assigned an enduring issues essay as your class homework, and you are feeling a little unsure about how to tackle the assignment – Don’t sweat it! In this blog, we’ll walk through every little detail about enduring issues essays that you need to know to write a stellar and unique essay on this thought-provoking topic.

So, What Is An Enduring Issue Anyway?

Before we start to dive into the what is what of professional essay writing, let us first define and understand what exactly is meant by an enduring issue.

An enduring issue is a problem that has been occurring across civilization for an extended amount of time. For example, issues of human rights and inequality are prevalent in our society today. It is common to see different types of activists on national television or social media fighting for their beliefs or common cause. The margin gap in wages at the corporate level is perhaps a good example to use to demonstrate modern-day cases of inequality. This can be seen as an enduring issue simply because the problem has remained relevant across history, affecting different generations, societies, and workplaces.

Enduring Issues Essay

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But do not let this frighten or overwhelm you! With time and enough exposure to writing the essays, you will slowly, but eventually, get a better understanding of what is an enduring issue. To make it easier for you, here is my recommendation. To better understand and identify enduring issues for your essay, make sure you never forget this fundamental principle:

  • An issue is only an enduring issue if many communities or generations throughout our history have attempted to find suitable solutions only to fail.

Enduring issues are presented across history as problems relevant to a certain generation, regardless of how much time has passed. Historical facts and information are used as evidence of enduring problems around the world. Therefore, the study of enduring issues is important to help students and society alike understand how they have caused long-term consequences and impacted multiple societies.

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How To Start An Enduring Issue: Basic Essay Structure

Regardless of the type of enduring issue being discussed, here is a basic structure of an enduring issues essay:

1.     The Introduction

In this section, you are mostly expected to identify and define the type of enduring issue to be evaluated and discussed throughout the essay. You need to identify an issue that has been going on for some time and is continuing today. Once you identify the issue, explain to your audience why you have chosen to discuss it. Finally, indicate how the issue impacts society, the government, a certain group or community, etc.

2.     Body

In the body section, you go into much detail on the identified enduring issue. Describe how people have been affected by it, and explain how the issue has been changing and what form it currently takes today. If you happen to identify more than one problem, you should present them as an enduring issues list, whereby each one of them will be thoroughly evaluated.

3.     Conclusion

First, restate the enduring issue you have identified or chosen. You can include an example of the manifestation of the enduring issue in society, from an outside source or from class documents, to help prove the issue is still going on today.

Poor understanding of the structure and outline of an enduring issue assignment is one of the leading factors that contribute to students struggling to write an effective and quality essay. Creating a study group is a good approach to getting help should you get stuck while writing an essay, such as through discussion forums. However, if you don’t fully grasp the fundamentals of essay writing, we are always free to help you write my discussion post.

How To Write An Enduring Issues Essay?

When it comes down to it, writing an effective enduring issues essay takes time and effort. But once we begin breaking the process down step-by-step, it makes it much more manageable and easier to understand.

We acknowledge that enduring issues essays may, at first, seem daunting to students. For one, the broad nature of most enduring issues means that are you more likely to face endless angles you can potentially take in tackling the problem. We believe that no student, not even a bookworm, loves dealing with exhaustive reading. Sadly, this will most likely lead to you feeling overwhelmed trying to go through and comprehend the large volume of information. It's not surprising most students feel intimidated by enduring issues essays.

But I guarantee you one thing. With enough practice, it's possible to become an enduring issue essay pro. Following the below steps for writing an enduring issues essay will guarantee you success:

1.     Pick An Enduring Issue That Interests You

Studying enduring issues in a history class is meant to encourage you to harness your critical thinking skills. Once you understand the concepts, the next step will involve selecting an enduring issue that interests you to analyze in your essay. The selection process is very critical and can determine whether you succeed or fail to deliver on your essay. So always make sure you select an enduring issue with ample information.

Here is a more detailed enduring issues list

  • Conflict – Conflict is perhaps one of the most commonly studied and prevalent enduring issues. This is because disagreements between individuals, nations, and communities have existed throughout human history, and continue today
  • Cooperation - Cooperation is classified as an enduring issue mainly because the ability of humans to work together towards a common goal is believed to be integral to the development and advancement of society. Investigating how cooperation tends to occur between individuals, governments, or communities allows us to understand their collective action, shared interests, and interdependence
  • Ideas And Beliefs - Ideas and beliefs are important components of society as they shape our behavior, values, and perceptions. Understanding these concepts is necessary because differences in ideas and beliefs have been identified as a leading cause of conflict and poor cooperation.
  • Inequality - Inequality in power, rights, wealth, status, and opportunities has been a persistent global issue across different regions, eras, and generations
  • Power - When talking about power, we mean the authority a person holds over another. The accumulation, use, and distribution of power in its various forms is a serious global issue.
  • Environmental Impact - It is considered an enduring issue because it involves the mining and use of natural resources which have always been considered fundamental to our existence.
  • Innovation - Innovation essential refers to the creation, distribution, and adoption of new technologies, ideas, and tools
  • Interconnectedness - In simple terms, interconnectedness is an enduring issue that studies interdependence between individuals, nations, or communities, and their existing relationships.
  • Scarcity - Scarcity is to some extent related to the environment and natural resources. It is considered an enduring issue because the scarcity of resources can lead to frustration or even conflict.
  • Human Rights Violations - These mostly involve violations of the fundamental protections, rights, or freedom everyone is owed.

2.     Research The Historical Background

Most enduring issues essays are presented to students as written tasks where they are required to identify and describe a particular historically significant challenge. In most cases, the challenges identified have endured across time and society and the government has tried to address them without much success.

Based on these historical documents, your enduring issues essay should meet these requirements:

  • You must identify and determine the enduring issue presented in the historical documents.
  • Argue on how the enduring issue continues to impact us and its importance.
  • You should always ensure to base all of your arguments on historically accurate sources or references provided by the documents.
  • Demonstrate you understand how the enduring issue has been developing and changing over time.
  • Discuss the causes and consequences of the identified enduring issue in the historical documents.

3.     Craft A Strong Thesis Statement

Once you're done with your research, now is the time to start structuring your essay. If you happen to be new to writing essays, there are several important factors you always need to consider. First and foremost, every good essay always starts with an informative and strong thesis statement. Ensure you craft a strong thesis statement that accurately conveys the specific enduring issue you will be addressing. Your main argument and perspective should be easy to identify in order to give your audience an idea of what to expect from your work.

Here is an example of an effective and strong thesis statement whereby the enduring issue is about human rights violations and inequality:

  • Civil protests and unrest have been consistent responses to inequality, from peasant revolts in ancient civilizations to the present-day Black Lives Matter.

In this example, the thesis statement is considered effective because it clearly depicts the enduring issue, since when has it been a problem, and the current status of the enduring issue today. A strong and informative thesis statement should be debatable, clear, and focused enough while also providing enough structure to your entire essay.

4.     Outline Your Essays Body

With your thesis statement and introduction section complete, the next step is for you to sketch out the body of your enduring issues essay. The body of your essay and the flow of your ideas or argument will greatly determine the quality of your paper. Ensure you design each paragraph to focus on a distinct topic and make a valid argument that can easily be tied back to your thesis. For example, when you are introducing an enduring issue, it is good to practice taking your readers through the history of the issue, and how it has changed over time.

Writing an effective enduring issue essay is meant to test your ability to craft a nuanced analysis of the issue with clear arguments. However, we understand that not everyone is skilled in creating and presenting their arguments. For this reason, we have experts ready to come rescue students who need English Homework Help.

5.     Wrap Up With A Strong Conclusion

To stand out and drive your arguments home, you need to have a strong conclusion that reiterates the main points or arguments presented throughout the essay on an enduring issue. You can identify a strong conclusion as one that leaves your audience informed and with something of value to think about. It is also important you restate your thesis statement, though we recommend using slightly different words or phrases.

The final step in your conclusion is to clearly, but briefly, summarize the key evidence you covered in the essay to support your argument or perspective on the enduring problem. In the case of an enduring problem essay, you are free to discuss and reflect on why the underlying issue has remained so difficult to solve all this time. Or you might suggest potential solutions or mitigation measures that need to be investigated or implemented going forward to eventually resolve the issue.

6.     Revise And Polish

Just because you are done with your research and typing doesn’t mean you have produced a top-notch enduring problem essay — after all, human is to error. The first copy should always be your first draft, not the final product you submit to be graded. Again, don’t submit your first draft! Be sure to allocate enough time to carefully revise and polish your essay for possible grammar or typing errors.

The last step on how to write an enduring issue essay is to read back through your work and check for:

  • Whether or not you have a strong introduction, thesis, and conclusion.
  • The use of precise word choices that best convey your point of view.
  • Smooth transitions between paragraphs.
  • Consistent verb tenses and arguments.
  • No spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

In conclusion

We acknowledge it might take some time to fully understand how to write an enduring issue essay. The article prioritizes breaking down the process to make it more manageable and easier for you to understand. Still curious about how to start an enduring issue? Hire us to write your essay.

The first step is to select and make sure you understand the underlying concept of the enduring issue. Once done, pick a topic that interests you the most and dive into deep historical research. Then, craft a clear thesis statement and outline to display the structure of your essay and the various issues or arguments you intend to address. Fill the body of your essay with specific examples supported by relevant and appropriate sources. Conclude the essay by reiterating your main argument.

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